Monday, April 28, 2008

the upstairs neighbors

I just got a phone call from our Landlord,Carollee, telling me that the people who live above us called to complain about noise from us, tonight. First of all Carollee isn't worried about it because she knows we are quiet people whom keep to ourselves and try to be respectfull of other people. BUT come on!!!!!
This was the second time they have complained about us in a week. They complained about us last Wednesday for noise too. We had a group of 7 people in our apartment 2 or the 7 people where kids under the age of 5 so yeah they are going to be noisey. What little kid isn't going to be? I even went up the next day to apolagize for if we had gotten to loud and the husband was like "what ever". Come to find out from Carollee he works nights and was asleep yet when I talked to him he was holding a paintbrush in his hands, ummm yeah he wasn't sleeping. How was I to know he would be asleep at like 3pm?? I am up by 9am asleep by midnight at the latest.
It turns out that they where going to move last month but then changed their minds, my poor landlord has had to walk on eggshells around them. They have complained about all of their neighbors that live below them. They think that the whole world revolves around them and only them. I hope they do decide to move it would be better for us and for Carollee.
Since they complained about us again today I decided to lodge a complaint about them, only seems fair right? It is an actuall logical complaint. Their parking spot is right next to ours, so their passengers side is to our drivers side of the car and to our passengers side is two poles that support the car port, She has been parking right on the yellow line or damn close to it which makes us have to park right next to said poles making us fear hitting them. Carollee said she would talk to them about it. Oh and she said don't be afraid to make noise during the day, cause she knows I am home all day, she said its not our fault that he works nights. She also said don't you know be really loud just to get back at them but don't be afaid to make noise durning the day.
Those people are just weird, I told them to let us now if we get too loud and we hear nothing but they complain to Carollee about it WTF???
So there ya go, people these days

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Jane said...

I hate people sometimes. Damn apartments.
At least the LL is on your side! That's awesomely hilarious!