Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sick shale rule the world

I have my anual spring cold, Yay me! (not). It started out as just a sore throat then that went away but in its place came the runny nose and cough from hell. I hate this cough it sounds like I am going to die or at least hack up a lung. I get this bloody cough everytime I get sick. The good news is, it hasn't gone to my ears so I can still hear perfectly fine, which is quite nice. For those fo you who don't know when I get sick it always and I mean always goes to my ears and then I have to ask people to repeat what they said and the volume of the tv goes up so I can hear. Now for the bad news, last night I slept on the couch so I would sleep sitting up so my ears wouldn't get plugged up by all the snot. I find its the only way to keep my ears from plugging up. I will be sleeping there tonight as well. I don't sleep very well cause I am not in my bed, next to my snoring husband but I rather not go the dr for meds.

In other news, I awoke to it snowing this morning, yes snowing at the end of April, it won't stick around for long cause its supposed to rain on Monday but still this has been one messed up Spring.

Off to go make a funny face while I take some more DayQuil so I can breath.

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