Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Kramer the loving caring cat that he is decided to show his love for me by biting my leg Tuesday night as I was crawling into bed to go to sleep. He I guess wanted some more wet food and didn't want to wait till the morning. Mind you he ended up waiting anways cause I don't give in to him if he hurts me. So now I have a bruise and 4 wounds from his teeth on my right leg, oh the joys of owning a pycho cat.

Richard is now team lead of paint at Lowe's. This is a good thing, more money for us, and he is now a full time employee YAY!!!! and it only took almost a year. Team lead is basically asistant department manager so that will look good if he ever decides to leave Lowe's which I don't think he will cause he likes working there too much.

I am managing to keep the apartment clean and organized. Lots of hard work. not really just a pain in the ass to do. I have also been reading a lot lately. I have read 3 books in like a week. and am still reading. I go through what I call book nerding it, which is basically having my noose in one book or another for days on end. I love reading and have since I was little.

Our car believe it or not is actually running and finally fixed. The last 3 times it was in the shop we didn't have to pay for any of it cause they should have cought all of the problems we were having when it was in the first two times. It runs dang good, and we are thankful for that. we are also going to start saving up some money to get a better car. We both really want a jeep so who knows. It wll take a while but its well worth the wait.

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