Friday, February 1, 2008

So cold and not feeling well

Here I sit freezing my ass off still and now not feeling 100%. I think that my lunch did not agree with me at all. I made chicken nuggets and Tequitos yes a very odd combanation that I now Know not to do again, cause both me and Richard aren't feeling all that hot after eating it.

So I now have 4 different Journals going, one here, one on LiveJournal, one on Myspace and one that well no one can read but me. I think this one might just be one for a few select people and it might just be a poem Journal, Haven't decided yet. OR I could do just random Shit on here. WHo knows what the future holds. I aint that entertaining. so we will see what happens on this one, nor am I that good at writing entertaining stuff.

Stay posted more to come

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