Saturday, February 9, 2008

I blame the drs on Tv

So, I had to take my cat, and my moms two cats to the vet today to do the shots and physical exam. All went well till we asked them to cut my cats toenails. Now he doesn't much like his nails being cut and can get downright mean, so we asked for some kind of med to knock his ass out so we can trim them and keep all of our body parts. Well they took him back and about 5 minutes into him being back there, I hear this very loud very pissed meow. I looked over at my husband and said that was kramer no doubt about it. A few more mintures pass and here comes the vet tech holding my cat wrapped in a towel and she says "I swear we didn't hurt him" I told her it was ok, that we knew they weren't hurting him. We go up to the front of the vet office to pay and I ask the lady up there if she heard that meow and she said yes and that it was one of the loudest meows she ever heard, she also told me that if there had been other pet owners waiting to be seen that they would have looked over at her and would have given the look of What are you doing to that poor animal???

It was rather funny and Kramer had a very pissed off look on his face the entire time he was in his cat carrier waiting to get home.


Jane said...

Haha. Chaquita used to be HORRIBLE. But she's a little better now. We muzzle her and that helps a lot. Do they muzzle/blind Kramer? Poor baby. ;)

Steph said...

yes, we have tried everything short of shooting him with an elephant tranq to trim his nails lol