Monday, February 18, 2008

Locking the Family Out

It's pretty damn sad when you have to lock your front door to keep family members from just barging in. One would think that in your own home you are safe from uninvited people walking in through your front door. Boy was I wrong. At 9:04 this morning I got a phone call on my cell, I looked to see who it was cause I was with a friend helping her take her two little boys to the dr cause they were running fevers. The caller Id said it was my FIL I chose to flip the phone up then close it again to hang up the call cause I didn't want to take it. I did this because they only call the cell phone when they can't get us on the house phone and Richard was asleep so there was a reason that he didn't pick up the phone. I also didn't want to get bitched at and asked where we were and blah blah blah. I turn the cell phone off and don't think about it till around 11am. I turn on my phone and call home to see if Richard is up, he is and he isn't happy. I asked what was wrong and he tells me.

You wanna know what he told me? Richard tells me that shortly after the phone call to the house the doorbell rings, he gets up out of bed and makes it into the hall way and looks up to see his sister and their dad in our Apartment! Mind you they only waited maybe 30 seconds before opening the door. Richard yells at them "GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!!!" His dad doesn't say anything but his sister is all I want my luggage (will explain that later). Richard responds with "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT YOU JUST DON'T COME WALKING IN UNINVITED" they take her stuff and leave and he locks the door.

I mean come on, thats just rude and its insane that I have to lock my door to keep his dad and sister out of the apartment. His mom doesn't just walk in, what gives them the right to do it? We don't do it. why should they be able too. I mean hello, I could have been walking from the bedroom to the kitchen for something and only be wearing a towel. I'm sorry I don't want my family seeing me in only a towel cause those things are known to fall off at any moment.

The reason his sister needed to get her luggage is this, she borrowed money from her parents and to pay them back she is working it off for them. Basically she is her dads slave till he says she has paid it off and she is paid 10 dollars an hour when working with him so figure 2 weeks. Now she lives in Homer about a 4-5 hour drive from here depending on road conditions. She flew up because her car is well no longer with us. She was going to stay with us while here for the two weeks. She drops her stuff off and goes to get her mom (our car had been in the shop and we were borrowing his moms) and her mom was going to drop her off back here. Well plans changed and she was needed out in the valley till the middle of the week, so instead of coming and getting her stuff she calls to tell me her dad will be by to pick it up in a little bit. This all happened at 5pm on Friday. By the time Richard gets off of work at 10pm that night his father still hadn't been by to pick it up so we said screw it we're going to bed we're tired.

11pm rolls around and there is a knock on the door, that sends the cat running. Yup you guessed it, it was Richards dad showing up for the luggage. We don't get up cause come on its late we are both asleep and well its just plane rude to come hours later to get something that should have been picked up at oh 6pm. He leaves the next day Richards sister calls to ask if he works I say he does and doesn't get off till 10pm she askes if we would be willing to drive half way between here and the valley at 10pm at night, I told her no cause that is putting us at risk cause Richard will be tired and I can't drive. She then asks us to drive out on Sunday to bring her stuff I tell her no because we are not pack mules. That is why she barged in our apartment this morning. Rude yeah I think so. UGH! so we are now locking our door and not talking to his dad or sister for a while.

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Jane said...

Ok, that is f'ed up! How rude! I know how you feel, though...having to treat your family like strangers. So odd and it sucks. HUGS, Steph!!!