Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tarzan Kitty

So Richard and I have these 7ft tall bookcases, well we got them over to the apartment and got them installed so they don't fall when we have an earthquake. They are in the computer room cause, well thats the only place for us to put them. Anyways, Kramer decided in his little kitty brain that he wanted to get on top of them. I heard him jump up on something so I turned away to see where he was and he was on a little shelf thing I have by the book cases he then jumps up to the brown shelf next to it and looks at the bookcases... He sits there for a moment thinking of how to get up to the top then he jumps up and makes it all the way up there. He hangs out there for a few minutes then with a great George of the Jungle thud he jumps all the way down to the floor and takes off like a heard of elephants.

He is Tarzan Kitty hear him Roar!

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