Thursday, July 25, 2013

Birthday Month is Ending and Sickness Galore

Today is my brothers birthday, which means I don't have to cook dinner cause we get to go out to eat where ever my brother wants, so we are going to Sourdough Mining Company. Great food and Korn Fritters!!!! This is also the last of the birthdays we get to celebrate this month. The next birthday we get to go out for is Richards and that's in October.  I love July for the reason that we get to go to 3 places we don't always get to go eat at. It's nice, the only drawback is that moms birthday and mine are a week apart so I have a hard time choosing where to go and can't decide till after mom cause a lot of the time she has the same idea of a place to go eat as I do. Like this year Months ago I thought of going to the Double Musky for my birthday dinner didn't tell anyone besides Richard that it was an idea and that's where mom wanted to go for hers. On the bright side I still got to eat there and got to choose someplace else equally good for mine.

Now I bet you are wondering why I mentioned I don't have to cook dinner, well it's because it's to freaking hot in general so cooking in the kitchen just makes our place that much hotter. Yes it's still getting hot here, this summer has been CRAZY HOT. We got maybe a week of cooler temps and they jumped back up into the upper 70's. We have to have 2 fans going in our bedroom just so we can sleep at night it's that hot in our place. We have all our windows wide open but no breeze so it really doesn't do any good. This has been the warmest summer in a very long time. I miss the cooler ones. The ones where I could leave my hair down and be fine. I know mom isn't going to like what I'm about to say so sorry in advance mom, But all this heat is making me want winter to show up sooner rather then later. I have always stated I rather be cold then hot. I do good in cold weather besides the constant colds.

Speaking of constant colds this summer has had it out for me with a vengeance: June I got a rather nasty cold that ended up giving me an ear infection got meds for it and got over it besides my left ear not completely unplugging. Tried to get it to unplug on my own with no luck so went to the walk in clinic was told I had wax on my eardrum and that they could get it off with flushing it out with water I told them no because I have a hole in that eardrum was put on more meds to see if it would work, it did to a point but if I stopped taking it my ear would plug up. Made an appointment with my ENT Doc for the Tuesday that just passed  but before I got to see him I managed to get some kind of infection in my throat, so back to the walk in clinic aka Doc in the box to get treated for that, I'm almost done with the antibiotics for that and was told by my ENT doc to go ahead and keep using the nasal spray I was using before that was working but would stop working if I stopped taking it and to be on it for 2 months straight. If I'm not better in two months to come see him again. On top of all this is my seasonal allergies YUP this summer has had it in for me from the beginning. 

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