Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm 30!

This past Thursday I turned 30 and had a blast doing so. I had a family dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse, we all ordered the ribs and cheese cake afterwards. I do believe this is the first time all of my close family ordered the same meals with just slight variations. Earlier that day I got a call from my brother to let me know my birthday gift was in my email and that no it wasn't just an e card. He gave me a computer game that he had me try out the month before and that I liked playing. I was so shocked I couldn't believe it, it's the first time in years I have actually gotten a gift from him. I have played the game a lot since getting it too.

Friday was my party and the pool hall and I had a nice small gathering of 4 people show up besides Richard and I and the owner of the pool hall Chris. Chris actually surprised me and had bought me a cake for the party. He was going to get one that was personalized but he ran out of time to get it ordered so it would be ready so he just picked out a cake that looked good. It was really very sweet of him and totally unexpected.

Sunday Richard and I went out to the valley to hang out with our friends Stephanie and Jason. Before we hung out with them we went to his parents place and played with the boston terrier puppies, then went up to our friend Sarahs place to say hi and wish her son a happy birthday. Then we got together with Stephanie and Jason at a local park out there, then walked to Wendy's for lunch then they took us on a tour of their house that is being built. We had a great time visiting.

That pretty much sums up my Birthday weekend.

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