Friday, March 1, 2013

short update

Wednesday I ended up falling down due to snow and ice at the local mall. I hit the ground pretty hard too, thankfully I am not seriously injured just really sore and today I am actually doing better. My right hand still hurts pretty good so it will be in my brace for the next couple of days to help it heal.  I was too sore yesterday to make it to the gym, plus I didn't want to risk going and hurting myself worse cause that wouldn't be a good thing to have happen at all. Depending on how I feel  through out today we will be going back tonight.

Richard is working tomorrow so I will most likely be hanging out with mom all day. I do believe she has this weekend off. What's really nice is it somehow almost always works out that when he works a Saturday she isn't on call and when she is on call he doesn't work that weekend. January was one of those rare months where they both ended up working on the same Saturday and let me tell you  I was so stinking bored that day. It majorly sucked.

The days are definitely getting longer now, Richard now comes home in daylight, which is a nice change. It's weird that in the winter once it gets dark I really don't want to go do much cause it feels like once it gets dark that we need to stay home. In the summer at like 6-7 I will still be like ok lets go do this and will have no problems convincing other people to come along.

Haven't really been creative lately because I don't really have the power or the will to sit still at the moment. The plus side to this is that the apartment is looking pretty good, the down side is the apartment is looking pretty good so I'm running out of things to keep me busy and moving. 

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