Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glasses and Sweat what a combo

I have my new glasses and am actually able to wear them! I have had them for a week now, the first few days I had them I was getting headaches at night but that was it. I'm happy to finally have new glasses, and mom is happy too. I still have my old ones hanging around just in case something happens to these and I need a back up pair, but I also have sunglasses so I would prob go to the sunglasses first then the old glasses. But anyways YAY to new glasses!

On Saturday Richard and I joined the gym again. We had both separately been thinking about it with out bringing it up to the other. I brought it up last week saying that I missed actually going to the gym and he agreed and so we signed back up. Yesterday was our first day back and I gotta say it felt great going, now I only managed 13 minutes on the treadmill but that was at 2.3 mph and I went half a mile. Plus I'm in very old shoes and am just waiting for the tax return to buy myself a new pair of shoes. We will be going M-F and taking the weekends off. For the first two weeks of going we will just being doing cardio to get used to going back then we will start lifting weights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Tuesday and Thursday will be just Cardio days. On the weekends when it's nice out and well summer we will go out and walk or do something outside just for fun and to keep active so as to not die on Mondays when we go back. We have also started watching how much we eat,  and drinking more water. Now mind you I prob wont talk about this much on here unless I hit a milestone in weight loss. But just wanted to share to let you all know that I am getting more active and this should help with my cabin fever.  Oh the whole reason we stopped our membership this last time is the lack of funds to keep going, Richard had lost his job and we decided that paying our bills was more important then the gym.

That's the update for now, more when I have more to write about. 

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