Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beloved Stuffed Animal Flash Back

I read a blog post about beloved stuffed animals and the writer asked if we had a beloved stuffed animal growing up and if we still had them. I told them a story of my stuffed animal and figured I would share the story on my blog as well, cause it is a rather funny story. Enjoy.

Growing up I couldn't sleep unless I had my cookie monster stuffed animal, you could say he was my security blanket. I remember throwing a fit once when I was admitted into the hospital cause we had left him at home and begged and pleaded for him to which I think my dad finally did come back with him, which I'm sure made my mom happy cause I wouldn't shut up about not having cookie monster. But that hospital story is for a different time.

 This story is about how Cookie Monster got shot, yep you read that correctly, my beloved Cookie monster was shot, or well looked like he had been shot. When I was younger I suffered from nose bleeds, they would just randomly happen. I would be sitting there and BAM nose bleed (thanks for that dad). Anyways apparently one night I got a nose bleed while asleep and didn't wake up from it, and when I woke up the next morning poor Cookie Monster looked like he had been shot cause he caught all the blood from the nose bleed. I took him downstairs to show mom what happened to him she was the one that said he looked like he had been shot and was laughing about it. Needless to say he went through the wash and there was no more evidence of a crime being committed against him.

I still to this day have Cookie Monster, he is safely tucked away in a box for safe keeping, he has had to have his eyes painted back on a few times and I believe at one point he might have held a cookie but I don't remember that, I just remember him as I have him with his arms open wide. I have no clue who gave me Cookie Monster, I just know he has always been around.

Did you have a beloved stuffed animal growing up and if you did do you still have them?

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