Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jumping catapus

I am going to share a story with you all that I have kept to myself since last summer, mom doesn't even know this story so this will be new to her as well. First let me tell you what made me decide to share this story, last night I had a heck of a time falling asleep I was awake till after 3am then woke up at 6:30 this morning not tired at all. I have drank a rockstar, and am now working on a monster to help keep me awake so I wont take a nap and screw myself out of sleep again. As mom knows if I nap after a certain time in the morning I'm up late. While talking with a friend I said why can't this stay up till all hours of the night thing happen when I need it to, instead of when I want to sleep. Then I told her the story I'm about to share. Thankfully mom can't get mad cause well we made it home in one piece and Richard never had any problems it was all on me.

 Last summer Richard and I went down to Homer to see a play that his sister was the director of, mostly cause we had never had the time to go down to see her direct in the past and it was a good thing we did go cause months later she ended up moving up to Wasilla. We were originally going to stay with her the night and head back up the next day but Richard decided he wanted to come home after the play and after hanging out with his sister for a few minutes when she got home. So we started back home at like 11pm and it's a 4 hour drive back to Anchorage from Homer. which means we wouldn't get home till 3am if we went straight through and didn't stop anywhere, which we did stop so we made it back at like 3:30-4. We stopped to get energy drinks, snacks and to of course use the restroom. We get going down the road probably about half way home I start getting super tired so I start fidgeting and singing along to music to keep me awake and that works for a bit then all the sudden I start seeing a jumping octopus body with a cat head on the side of the road, then it starts showing up in front of the truck. Yep I am 100% hallucinating, I'm that tired. But I keep forcing myself to stay awake cause I need to make sure Richard stays awake so we don't crash and die on the Seward Highway.  So I roll the window down and get shocked awake by cold air. I keep seeing my jumping friend till we make it to Girdwood which is about 45 minutes away from Anchorage we pull into the gas station there I get a rockstar drink it and am awake enough to not see my jumping friend anymore and make it into Anchorage and into my bed where I passed out as soon as I hit it.

I have never been that tired before, and I hope to never be that tired again but I wish on that day that my body had decided that I wasn't going to sleep cause it would of made that trip a lot easier. Of course less memorable. But there ya go.

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