Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have been daydreaming about the future lately, I want a house, with a nice yard so I can have a garden and a dog. Don't get me wrong I love my cat and will always have a cat, but I want a dog too, I miss having a dog around, I love how they want to play and want your attention unlike a cat who only wants your attention when you don't want to give it. There are only a few things keeping me from getting a dog, the place where we live doesn't allow them and we can't afford to have one right now, but when that changes we are soooo getting a dog.

There are a few breeds I wouldn't mind having, I want a boxer, a bulldog, a french bulldog, a boston terrier, rottweiler, german Sheppard and finally a beagle. Of course not all at the same time but those are the breeds that I find insanely cute! It's a long time goal and I will get a dog when the time is right.

I so want to have my own Garden, I miss gardening and would love to grow my own veggies. Plus I find gardening really relaxing and fun. If mom had a nice backyard I might try to convince her to let me have a garden back there but, she doesn't. So its one of my dreams.

I am sick of living in apartments, It's more to do with space then the neighbors. I would love to have a bigger kitchen then what I have a nice living room, a view that isn't a side of a building and more natural light.

But for now, these will all just be dreams, but hopefully one day they will become reality.

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Jane said...

They will be reality one day! :) And I vote for French Bulldog. :)