Friday, March 25, 2011

Yep, still here

Haven't really had anything blog worthy as of lately. Well ok that's not the case there is something blog worthy but I don't want to post it yet. Pretty much it's the same stuff just a different day.

The days are getting longer and we are at about 12 hours of daylight now. It's making me really stir crazy, I wanna get out and do stuff, just gotta wait for the snow to melt all the way. Richard has a tooth that needs to be pulled but can't get it pulled till the 7th of April, poor guy. Our dentist is out of town and I really only trust him and so does Richard so he opted to wait till he got back. He does have pain meds, that he only takes at night to help him sleep other than that its advil all the way. Richard loves his job, just wishes there were more hours.

Mom got me a pretty cool watch yesterday at the old bag auction. I haven't had a watch in so long, it's nice to have one again. Lucky for me it actually fits, I have had hard times finding watches that actual fit my wrist. Not only does this one fit but its a bit loose!

That's pretty much it for me, so laters

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Jane said...

Sounds good! Post pics of the watch. :)