Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nose out of the book and into the Movies

Yesterday Richard & I went and had breakfast with my friends Larry and Judy form CA. It was so great to see them again. We went to Snow City Cafe and had like an hour and a half wait to be seated, but we waited it out cause we were catching up. Mary Rita another friend of theirs was there to and it was great to see her as well. She used to work at my high school while I was there. I had really good French toast there that was so sweet and nummy I want to go back and have them again, I just think it will be a while since they are always so freaking busy.

I am Half way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (year 4). Since my friend Tara hasn't been able to be online during the day, I have been reading more. I am still enjoying the books. I can see myself reading them to our kids if we ever have any.

Other than that Richard and I are doing a movie date night tonight. We are going and seeing Toy Story 3, Twilight Saga: Eclipse (second time) and depending on how we feel after those two possibly Despicable Me as well. I always love when we go to movies. It's something we don't do very often anymore so we are treating ourselves. Plus it's dark and raining so what better to do then go to the movies!

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Jane said...

Have fun at the movies. Maybe you can time it right and get away with only buying one ticket. Teehee!