Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magical Me

I have started rereading the Harry Potter Books, I am now on year 3. I started rereading them because Richard and I bought the Lego Harry Potter video game which made us both want to watch the movies so we sat down over 2 days and watched all 6 of the movies. This however just made us want to read the books so, there ya go.

In other news, I start job hunting in a couple of weeks. I have to have a meeting with my counselor from DVR and the lady I don't like before the job hunt begins. This is just to go over what is expected and so on and so forth. It's at least 3 weeks away if not longer cause my counselor at DVR is very busy. SO I am sitting around waiting for the phone call to set up the appointment.

We got permission to go back to the gym as long as Richard takes it easy, no working up a sweat for him. But both him and I are happy that we can go back and start working out again.

In other news, two of my dear friends from California are in Alaska and I get to see them on Saturday! I'm looking forward to seeing them. THey are getting together with a bunch of people on Saturday for breakfast and then possibly all going to the Saturday market afterwords depending on the weather. Should be fun.


Tara Ann said...

sorry u have to work w. the U KNOW WHO. teehee

Jane said...

Well, at least you are moving forward with the work thing. Working with the state, etc. can be frustrating. But just hang in there!

I wish I could be a friend of yours visiting Alaska! Haha. Maybe one day. Have fun, hun!