Thursday, November 5, 2009

favorite time of year, and Mentally Gone on vacation

It's coming up to my favorite time of year, snow will be on the ground hopefully any day now, Turkeys will be bought and cooked and Christmas will be upon us once again. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday I think a lot of it has to do with my dad when I was younger, he would go all out decorating the house inside and out with lights. He just made it so magical for me that I fell in love with it. The smell of the Christmas tree, the lights, the gifts all of it. I love decorating for Christmas, love buying gifts for people and wrapping them in bright colorful paper. I am a Christmas Junkie! There is no hope for me and you know what I'm ok with that. Bring on Christmas!

I have also pretty much been mentally on vacation for the last week. I so badly want to to be December so I can go and have fun and relax with Richard away from his work. Poor guy has been doing deliveries at Lowe's and is coming home just tired as can be, he claims he has been mentally on vacation for over a month! I keep thinking about all the fun we will have once we get down there, and how I won't have a cat in the bathroom with me every time I go in there. I still need to find something to wear for the Christmas party for both Richard and I, get a chain for my necklace and make a list of things to pack so we don't forget anything. I have already made a list for mom to help her out while watching Kramer and the apartment and our plants. That way she won't forget something. I have also started to keep myself away from sick people more, if they are sick they are not allowed to come over and hang out, or I won't go see them. I don't want to get sick before I go on my vacation cause that would be no fun at all.

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