Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow and vacation

It's snowing! Been snowing all morning which is fine cause I love the snow but my mom on the other hand hates when it snows. Mostly cause she is the only one to shovel the snow at her house. So she doesn't want to drive anywhere till it stops snowing so she can shovel her driveway. I swear she is a perfectionist when it comes to shoveling the driveway, yeah I understand that it is easier to shovel the snow when no one has made tracks in it but I'm bored and home alone cause Richard had to work black Friday like he does every year. Oh well She said if it didn't stop by noon she would come get me. so I have an hour to kill.

Only 6 more days till I go on vacation, I am really looking forward to it. It will be my first real vacation since 2002. So it is long over due. Plus I will be going to warmer weather for 17 days so it will be a nice break from winter. We leave on the night of the 3rd morning of the 4th and come back home the night of the 19th morning of the 20th. Then I have my last two classes on the 21st &22nd, then on the 23rd I have a meeting at DVR to see where we go from here. So I will be busy when we get back to town. Poor Kramer prob won't like us not being here for 17 days then when we get back I go to all day class for the next 2 days, I guess we will see how he handles it. I think he will be really happy to see us when we come home then snub us the rest of the day then beg for my attention on the days that I will be gone to class.

Anyways off to go finish folding the laundry that I did on Monday and wait for noon to roll around. Hope you all had a great Turkey day yesterday.

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