Friday, November 13, 2009

Where oh where is my husband, oh yeah on deliveries

I love this picture of Richard sitting on the forklift. Our friend Marya took it this summer while he was helping her in outside lawn and garden.

He has been working a lot of hours at Lowe's these past 2 weeks which means a nice paycheck but not a lot of seeing him. They are short delivery drivers and he is the ONLY backup delivery driver they have so he keeps getting dragged away from his PSA job there at Lowe's to go and deliver appliances and stuff that customers order, so when he gets home he is exhausted and doesn't want to do anything but sleep. Which he can't do cause if he does it throws off his regular sleep schedule so we have to find ways to keep him awake. That all boils down to him playing video games, till it's time for bed.

On the bright side he finally got his yearly review and did really well with it. He now makes like 13.87 an hour so that nice. I keep telling myself his paycheck is going to be really good next week.

I swear Lowe's will fall apart with out him while we are on vacation. He does so much for that store, it's unreal. But he loves working there and I love him working there i just don't like when he works so much there that I hardly see him.

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