Wednesday, October 21, 2009

16 years comes to an end

Monday was sadly the end of a 16 year friendship. That friendship will be somewhat missed in the future but as of right now, I am still pissed off at that person and will be for a very long time.

My friend (I will call her "ML" from this point on) and I were talking on Yahoo and the conversation started out great, we were talking about our days and what happened during the weekend. Then ML asked when she could come over again to hang out. I informed her that I had classes today and tomorrow but she could come over on Wednesday for a couple of hours during the day to hang out. I then told her that Richard didn't want anyone spending the night for awhile cause both of us are having problems sleeping through the night. Sounds reasonable right? She then asked about next week when I then told her again that Richard doesn't want people spending the night for a while and I don't know how long its going to be.

ML responds to this by saying that she needs serious Stephanie time and how I would beg for her company for months at a time (which I never did) then something like my life would come up and wouldn't see her for a month and it wasn't fair cause she got use to seeing me once a week and needed her Stephanie fix. I told her that sometimes you got to take what your dealt and work with it. That if she chose not to come over to hang out with me during the hours I had available for her so be it. She signed out of yahoo after she read what I sent her.

That was the last straw for me, I have to put my relationship with Richard first I am after all married to the man. She was so possessive of me and hated when I would want to spend time with Richard or any other of my friends. ML, would also if I wasn't online for a day text me to see where I was and why I wasn't online. I felt like I had a stalker. She also made me feel bad cause I would do family birthday dinners for my birthday and she would get upset and would say she didn't understand why she wasn't invited or thought of as family.

ML even started bringing some of her stuff over for when she would come and visit and always and I mean always spend the night. She never asked if it was ok for her to spend the night and if I told her I was meeting up with a friend the next day would get all pouty and either not come over at all or come over and leave right before I was to meet up with the friend. I mean this girl had no boundries and I did feel bad for her cause she didn't have that many friends cause she is a handful but I just couldn't take it no more.

So after she childishly signed out of yahoo I made it so I was permanetly invisible to her on there,then went and blocked her from my facebook page and my myspace page. I don't need her drama in my life or the stress of her in my life either. I feel bad cause it ended but at the same time I feel free. I feel like I don't have to hide the fact that I have other friends besides her.

Richard supports my decision on this because for the last few weeks he has seen how much she has been annoying me when we would talk on yahoo. She would always bring me into her relationships with guys asking me all these questions that I didn't have an asnwer too cause all relationships are different.

ML also got mad at the fact that I was taking a trip in December and wanted to make sure that I called her or text her while on vacation. EXCUSE ME!!!! It's my vacation if I don't want to talk to you I wont you can't make me do that! So as October ends So does a friendship, that probualy should of never been rekindled after so many years apart from one another.

Thank you for reading this if you made it this far, and I hope you all think I did the right thing. So 16 years are gone and under the bridge never to probually be remebered again.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've realized that you are doing ML no favors by allowing her to monopolize and control. Although difficult, the limits you've just set finally stop you from enabling her behavior; you can't fix someone else - they must fix themselves. I hope ML can get some help to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence so that she'd feel good about herself and would not have to rely on/wear out/friends and acquaintances.
You are right on, Steph, IMHO. Tough love is tough!
~Aunt K(the tall one). :-)

Steph said...

You are very right Aunt Kathy.