Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Quick DVR Update

I had an appointment with my counselor at DVR yesterday to go over my clerical assessment that I did last month. She was really happy with the results but since they up and changed Microsoft word on me that I need to take some computer classes. I am now going to be taking some computer classes, I will take one for Microsoft word, excel, outlook and powerpoint, each class she said should take a week or was it that all the classes would add up to a week? I'm thinking more the first than the later. I am to call this one place by the 1st of next month to see when the classes are held, how big the classes are and the cost of the classes. I won't have to pay a dime for the classes DVR will cover them for me. I also finally rememebered to ask if they would cover the cost of new glasses and they will!!!!! SO I will be getting new glasses here shortly!! Finally, I am actually getting somewhere with DVR, its about freaking time!!!

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