Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do we tend to like characters that are like us?

I was talking to a dear friend of mine a few days ago about who our favorite characters are and how that we tend to like the ones that are most like us. As I pondered this I realized it was so true. My mom Fancies Eeyore and he tends to fit her. He is kind of a gloomy think of the worse thing to happen and she does the same thing, Not always gloomy but does the oh why bother grumpy Gus kinda thing. Oh and she is always loosing stuff HAHAHa

I have always liked Donald Duck, and I find I am a lot like him. one I have speech problems and not everyone can understand me all the time. In fact when I was little my brother was the only one who could understand me till I went to speech therapy. The other thing I have in common with Donald is well temper, I tend to fly off the handle when I get mad. Mind you it takes a lot more to make me mad now but my temper can and does get the best of me some times. I finished that cross stitch of him today.

My dear friend is Kinda like Piglet, she worries a lot, really kinda shy and just so typically piglet its kinda funny.

My question to you, What character do you like and do you see yourself in said Character?

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Jane said...

First off - I wanna cross-stitch!!!

Second - My nickname as a kid (self-given) was Stimpy (from Ren & Stimpy). And I think I'm kinda like him in that I can be child-like and I have a stupid sense of humor. Haha.