Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pissy for some untold reason

Today has not been a very good day for me. Well it started out perfectly fine, I got up fed the cat then decided to clean the apartment. The apartment is looking good and by the time I was done with that, Richard was home from work and that's where my day turned ugly. He came home and we watched a movie together that I had put in before he showed up then after the movies was over he wanted to read and I just snapped, told him fine what ever and he says to me that I could read too that's when I turned to face him and yelled at him that I didn't want to read. I put Gilmore Girls in to watch the next disc of episodes and he stopped reading and watched it with me. He then tells me he is hungry and I said can it wait till this episode is over he says sure, it ends I ask him what he wants for dinner and he goes well I thought you were going to decide, then he tells me he loves me and walks off while I do the bit of dishes that are in the sink. I go walking out to the living room to see is something sounded good only to find that not only is he not there, the tv is off and he is laying in bed reading. I went into the bedroom and asked him if he was still hungry and had to repeat myself twice before he looked up at me then he said that he wasn't hungry and went back to the book, I snapped at him again saying well thanks for telling me and walked into the computer room where I then throw something way in the trash and he yells at me for breaking something which I haven't done, then corrects himself by saying throwing things around. Only thing I could think of saying was yelling at him to stop telling me what I can and can't do.

What the hell is wrong with me? I don't even know why I am so mad at him today, yeah he is ignoring me with his book and he ignored me on Sunday with a video game and Monday he ignored me because he was tired but that didn't bother me but today it seems like he can't do anything right. I don't know why I am so upset, it just baffles me that today I am mad at him. It would be nice to spend time with him but not just next to eachother while he is reading and ignoring me and I am doing something else like reading or watching tv. So here I sit in the computer room all upset, confused about why I am this way and he is totally not getting the fact that I am upset or why I am upset. he just has his nose in that damn book. I guess he figures that I need alone time and thats only making it worse but if I go and try to talk to him all its going to do is piss him off and he won't talk and just go somewhere else to read his book.

I want it to be tomorrow!!

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