Friday, June 12, 2009

DVR Update

6 months down and god only knows how many more left to go, I know I will make it 7 months with them and still be jobless. I went in and did a 3 day exploring your employment goal thing this week and made an appointment with my counselor for July 7th. Why so far away you ask? good question, the answer being that the person who did the "class" I was win this week needs to write up an evaluation on me and give it to my counselor who then has to look over it, plus she is supposedly pretty busy, which I guess I can sorta understand. I am so sick of having to jump through all their hoops to get help!! So here I sit twiddling my thumbs till the 7th to see what other hoop I will have to go through.

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Jane said...

Freaking sucks, dude. I'm sorry. :(