Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog of randomness and 100th post

Tomorrow the 27th marks 15 years since my father died. Wow is all I can seem to think, 15 years sped by like a blink of the eye. For me tomorrow will be like any other day, I will wake up and go through the day like normal but in the back of my mind I will know what day it is. Don't be sad for me, it's in the past, part of my life that helped make me well.... me and I wouldn't change that at all. Be happy that I am here, happy, well loved and I made it through a very trying time 15 years ago and came out a better person.

My health is slowly coming back to full strength, I have gotten some of the hearing back in my left ear and no longer suffer headaches every night. My allergies are even under control now, it takes two meds to do it but better that then suffer. Hopefully I will be done with colds till at least October or so I hope so.

I happened to glance at how many posts I have and realized that this one will be my 100th blog on here. GO ME!!! Not like Deb who has like over 400 or some ridiculous number like that but still something to be proud of. So here's too 100 or so more posts!

I have also been playing a lot of pool lately and my game has improved a lot. I now don't suck nearly as bad as I used to, mind you I still suck but just not as bad. It's a lot of fun and I have my friend Marya to thank for the improvement of my game. She taught me how to use my Carny hands to my advantage and for that I am in her debt. Richard and I in fact are going to go shoot some pool with her tomorrow so that should be fun.

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Eila said...

Congrats on 100 blogs and here's to 100 more!! Love you girl!