Friday, October 11, 2013

What A Month

This week started out super amazing and by Wednesday it had gone to hell and then decided to get worse from there. But let me take you back to September for a few brief seconds. A few days before mom left on vacation I was sitting on the couch here at home and was resting my hand on my chest when I found a lump in my left breast.  I called mom, she came over and confirmed it was indeed a lump and that she would take me to the doc in the box the next day. Needless to say they told me I needed a mammogram done but they felt it was either a fatty lump or a cyst and to not be worried.  We made the appointment for October 7th and so I waited. I didn't want to post about it on here till I knew what was going on and if it was something more serious then we thought or if it was just what we thought.

Flash forward to This Monday Oct 7th, which was by the way Richards Birthday. Richard and I went to Snow City Cafe for his Birthday Breakfast cause he really wanted to go, they have AMAZING food. Then we were off to my mammogram and unbeknownst to me ultrasound. Can I just say I rather have a mammogram done then get my blood pressure taken by one of those automatic ones any day of the week. So I get done there and off to ultrasound I go, then the Radiologist comes in and gives me the good news, it's just a cyst and that I don't have to come back in for another 10 years. WOOHOO!

After we left the hospital, we went to Color Me Mine where I finished a pumpkin light I had started a week before hand, and Richard finished up painting his Dragon he had been working on for a year. I really do enjoy going there, it's fun, we can take our time and it's really not all that expensive. After we were done there we came home had some lunch then went to out to pay the electric bill and I convinced Richard to take me to JoAnn's so I could buy myself a sewing machine, after we were done there we stopped by to see a friend then went home. A few hours later we went out to dinner with mom at Ramono's to celebrate Richards birthday. What a great day we had.

Tuesday went off with out any problems, we went to Paint the Rink Pink and watched the Aces lose to the Cyclones 4-2. Then Wednesday happened.

Wednesday Richard was in a 3 car, car accident on his way to work and he was in the middle car. So as I like to state he was in the middle of an I hate you sandwich. I called a very dear friend of the family and asked if he could pick Richard up because our truck was dead and leaking fluid and then bring him home and he did  Needless to say Richard is missing a few days of work and well our truck is totaled (ugh!).

Thursday went off with out much a problem besides poor Richard being sore.

Today, it was my turn to be in pain. at 5 something this morning Kramer (the cat) decided to attack my left arm, and attack it he did. The upper part of my arm is scratched to shit by his teeth and claws, I have a very nice, lovely bruise forming, it is all pretty much just flesh wounds and no none of them are infected, I have been keeping an eye on them all day today.

So that basically wraps up our week, we are car less till we find a new used truck or SUV which means Mom and Richard are sharing moms truck. We wont have a way around town this weekend as mom is on call and needs her rig, which is fine cause we are both going to be home bodies cause on top of everything else my body decided I needed to come down with a cold.

Can this month be over with?

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