Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cutting fingers, getting rigs, and Coloring with a few odds and ends thrown in for fun.

Saturday I had my first run in with my rotary cutter, and it still smarts. I was cutting up a pair of Richards carheart pants for his Halloween costume for a party that night, and cut into my middle finger a tiny bit with it. Dang those things are sharp, it took a bit for the bleeding to stop and had mom come down and look at it. Lucky for me no stitches are required. The bad thing is I am having to hold off on doing any more on my sewing project till I can use my finger with out it hurting.

Richard and I have a rig again, We got mom's truck and she got herself a spiffy new one. It's nice to be mobile again with out having to borrow a truck. We have had it for about a week now. On that note, Richard has been back to work for a week now as well. He is doing better but is still hurting and having to go to the chiropractor 3 times a week. But at least he can work now, so I don't have to hear him complain about wanting to be at work. Trust me it was getting old, real old.

A dear friend of mine has asked me to sew a blanket for her 4 month old son using his favorite fabrics, we had a bit of a miscommunication but have figured out what to do to fix it for the most part. Now to just figure out how to make it up and having it looking good. This too has to wait till my finger heals up more,(stupid finger) plus I need to get the rest of the fabric.

Oh I have yet again changed what I'm making for my brother for Christmas, I swear, this is the final time, I hope. But you guessed it, it too has to wait for my finger to heal.

Everything is on hold all because of this stupid, stupid, stupid teensy weensy hurts like mother trucker cut. I'm so annoyed with myself for doing it, I know it was a stupid accident but still I can't believe I did it. Oh well hopefully it heals up quickly.

I'm going to end this with pictures of what we painted at Color Me Mine, while Richard wasn't allowed to work.They are out of order of how they were actually painted. The down side is the Dragon Richard painted over the year broke, but they fixed it and are keeping it there at the store and they have ordered a new one for him to paint on them.

Bellow is my Chubby Dino, I think she is too stinking cute, Her counter part is down lower in the pictures

My Princess Bride cup, 
 I put my favorite quotes from the movie on it.
 It was a ton of work, had to put a base coat of white down then, figure out where I wanted the sayings and put them on the cup in stickers then paint over the stickers with 3 coats of paint.
 Once the third coat of paint was dry but not too dry I had to use a pin and peel the stickers off. But I do love how it turned out, I might, just might do another cup like this in the future.
 Richard took an easier approach to his cup and just painted it 3 different shades of blue, But I like his just as  much as mine.
 While I painted the chubby dino, Richard painted this Unicorn bust in a few different shades of purple. I think it looks pretty cool.
 I really love how my pumpkins turned out, The top one is painted to look like it is frozen solid, the middle one is not quite there and the bottom one is just starting to freeze.
 The pumpkins were the first thing I painted this go around, I painted them while Richard finished the dragon that broke. Oh they also light up, how cool is that!
 Richards skull he painted, kinda creepy in a cool way.
 While he did that I did this chubby unicorn.
 She is the counter part to the chubby dinosaur
 Kramer also likes Color Me Mine, or well the bag at least

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