Friday, October 4, 2013

Heating up the work days sewing machine

I caved today and turned the heat back on in the apartment. I actually lasted longer then I thought I would as I wanted to turn it on on Monday but Richard talked me out of it. He can't talk me out of it today though. I am pretty cold at the moment as I just turned the heat on about 5 minutes ago. I did everything from putting socks then slippers on and curling up under a blanket and still couldn't get warm. So the heat is now officially on for the long Alaskan Winter. Still no snow on the ground and hardly any on the mountains but that will change as we always tend to have snow for Halloween.

Poor Richard is going to work 6 days straight before getting 2 days off. He was supposed to have yesterday off but the guy that covers the morning run when Richard has a day off called in sick, this is after calling in sick on Wednesday and before that on Friday the week before. I really don't like this guys work ethic and am sick of him doing stuff like this to Richard. I was pretty mad when Richard got called into work yesterday morning but I am also proud of him because he is proving to his boss that he values his job and the company he works for by being willing to come in on his day off and work. It proves he is a hard worker.  Plus on Monday they can try to call him in but it wont happen cause we have plans that can't be cancelled. So at least he gets a weekend off somewhat.

That's pretty much everything from here for right now, not much going one since I am home alone all day, excluding the cat. Here shortly it will be time for Holiday Bazaars which are always fun to go to, even if it is the same stuff every year, gives us something to do during the winter.

Oh still no word on the sewing machine, which makes me wonder if they just decided to wait till mom gets home and back to work or if they don't even know whats wrong with it. Hope it gets figured out soon cause I would like to be able to sew stuff, mind you the first stuff I do manage to sew wont be amazing works of art or perfectly done but hey gives me something to do while home during the day besides sitting at the computer. That is if I ever get a working machine. 

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