Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One week later

I finally went to the dentist to have him look at my tooth. They took x-rays of my mouth and he was hoping that they caught the problem in enough time to save the tooth, he based this off of the x-ray which was deceiving. He looked at the tooth and first started out saying we could save it, then after poking at it for a few minutes decided nope, we were better off pulling it and how I felt about getting it pulled. I told him I knew he was going to have to pull it and how I told mom that but mom was all no he can fix it. HA! mom should know by now not to second guess me cause I'm always right. (like knowing which way to go in Hawaii to find places) So the dentist starts numbing up my mouth and that took like 5-7 shots to numb it to his liking. He even cracked a joke saying "let me know when your left foot is numb".  Now comes the fun part, yanking out my tooth with out having to break it into pieces to do so. It was happy where it was and DID NOT want to come out. He was hoping it was going to be an easy tooth extraction cause as he says jokingly "I'm a lazy guy, but your tooth is stubborn"  so he pushes and pulls and wiggles the tooth and my jaw and finally the tooth pops free, you could actually hear the tooth pop free.  Gauze gets put in my mouth and I look over at the dentist and say "Of course my tooth was stubborn, cause I'm stubborn" which gets a chuckle out of him, and he sends me on my way.

Now what I didn't tell you was this appointment was set for 8am and that I was going to have to walk home from it because both Richard and mom had to work today. Mom dropped me off at 7:11 and I went in and sat down and read till they were ready for me. Thankfully I only live 1.2 miles away from my dentist so it wasn't a bad walk and it is a beautiful day today. It only took me 39 minutes to get home, so not bad there. I was thinking/hoping that the appointment would be just a look and see and come back on another day to do anything. But I also know better and have been going to the same John Denver look alike dentist all my life and knew that he would just fix it today.

By the way I'm  freaking starving!!!!!! I can't eat regular food till tomorrow and even then gotta be a little careful and stupid me didn't think about getting anything soft food wise before today. So here I sit listing to my stomach growl, drinking water and waiting for the phone to ring to tell me mom is on her way home so she can get me some ice cream or frozen yogurt and pudding and maybe some popsicles as well.

 On a side note, Richard doesn't work for Sports Authority anymore, no he wasn't fired he left that job a little over 2 months ago and started working at Browns Electric.  A close friend of ours pursued him to come work for him in the warehouse of one of the stores. Richard now works at the main warehouse for Brown's Electric. He loves his job, I love his job and the pay, cause it's FULL TIME! I just realized I hadn't updated you guys on here about his job. My bad. 

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