Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where the *bleep* did the month go?

Where the bleep did November go? Last night (Friday) mom calls me up and tells me that the Big Craft show/bazaar that we like to go to is happening tomorrow (aka today) and that she will pick me up at 9:30 cause it starts at 10. It was after I hung up the phone that I realized it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, I got all confused cause I swear the month just started the other day and now we are at the end of the month. I can't believe how fast November has gone by or in that fact, how fast the year it's self has gone by. I feel like I was just in California and that was Back in May.

Yesterday Richard and I helped his department manager/friend Aj with his home remodeling project. Well more like Richard helped and I supervised or as I like to call it stupervised. It was so bloody cold outside and they were having to be outside to get to his attic so I would be out there till I couldn't take it any more then would go into the house to warm up. While there we got to meet his wife and 6 month old baby girl. They are a very nice couple and we have invited them over for dinner when things calm down for them a bit, which will be after Christmas. It will be nice to have a married couple to hang out with on occasion. Every other time that Richard and I have hung out with a couple, they never last, they end up breaking up or getting divorced. Ok well not every couple, my friend Kaori and her husband are doing good, but we only ever get to see them about a week or so once a year cause they live out of state at the moment. Don't get me wrong I love our single friends but at the same time, its nice to have a couple to hang out with too.

So it's 3:30 and I have been awake since 1:30 I think I'm going to go try and get some more sleep before mom shows up to take me to the craft show.

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Jane said...

You "stupervised," eh? ;)