Friday, November 11, 2011

Creative Juices Flowing

I have all these ideas in my head of stuff to make out of polymer clay, only problem is, I don't have a lot of clay and only certain colors of clay at the moment. I need to go Clay shopping, but I need a ride and money to do so, so for now I will sit here and do some research on shapes and designs and see what I think I can do. I love working with the clay cause it seems to be the one art form I'm good at, I can't draw worth beans, I can trace really well but draw not so much. But with the clay it just kinda comes to me and I at the moment can make very simple things, I'm getting better and my work is improving a lot. I would probably improve faster if I was able to do it a lot more but alas I don't have the money to keep myself in a supply of clay.

I have this great idea for a Christmas gift for my brother, I just need to get the supplies and figure out where and how I'm going to get it put together, it will require paint and I'm not sure if I will spray paint it or buy the paint and paint it myself. It's going to be made out of Styrofoam so not quite sure what will be the best way to go about it, I know at one point I will be hand painting details onto it. Or I could make the base of it styrofoam and cover it with paper then just make the rest of the decorations out of paper as well, lot less mess to deal with there but then it wouldn't look right either. Hmmm......... I guess I still need to think a little bit more on that one.

Back to the clay, I might actually try and make earrings out of clay too, Richards grandma gave me the idea. I don't know how well they would hold up or what kind I would do if it would be stud earrings or the ones that dangle down. so going to do some research on that as well, man my creativity is just a flowing. Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you all as I get things made.

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