Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updation of sorts

Kramer is laying on the TV stand behind the TV sunning himself, I thought it was too cute not to get pictures of him. Out of the three I took this one is my Favorite cause he is looking at me and is licking his nose. Kramer has been spending a lot of time in the windows cause they have been open during the day letting fresh air into the apartment. If he isn't in a window he is asleep on our bed. So he has started his summer routine already.

I came down with a cold about 2 weeks ago, I am just now getting back to almost normal. My left ear is plugged up of course so my hearing is off but other than that I am doing good. Allergies are in full force with the summer in bloom here, but again nothing new there.

So Since I have been I haven't volunteered at CHD all of last week and half of the week before cause I didn't want to get the people there sick. I am calling them on Monday to see if they would like me to come in and work. I know there is some filing I can do, but other than that don't know if they have work for me or not. I'm sure they do. I want to make sure that they know I am really hoping to work there. I have at least 4 people working on my behalf to tell their boss that I am needed there because I am a hard worker and am needed to help them out. It feels good to know that they like me and want me. Still keeping my fingers crossed that come July they hire me on.

The weather has been sunny and in the upper 50's to low 60's and I am stuck inside the apartment all day every day, or at CHD (which I don't mind) but on the weekends it would be nice to go do something. The only problem is Richard just wants to sit at home and do nothing cause it's relaxing. I can understand that he wants to do nothing after working all week but he doesn't seem to understand that I want to get out and do stuff too. I mean I am stuck here while he is at work, I have no social life cause I am always home. I hate not being able to drive. Hopefully tomorrow I can convince him to do something besides sit at home on his butt doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for continuing to volunteer at CHD! Even if the funding doesn’t come thru for a July hire, this can only look good on a resume. Have been there/done exactly that re one spouse wanting to kick back and the other wanting to go do stuff on weekends…when other spouse starts working, it evens out perfectly. :-)
R U going to learn to drive?
~Tall AuntK.

Steph said...

Aunt Kathy,

I would love to learn how to drive, but I will never drive because my vision is too bad and I don't feel right behind the wheel. I don't want to put myself or anyone else in harms way because I have no depth perception.