Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Weekend / lonely weekend/ Happy Next Weekend

It has been a busy and lonely last couple of days. Richard had to work Thursday night Friday morning then work his regular shift Friday, So when he came home Friday afternoon he went strait to bed and didn't get up till he had to go to work on Saturday. He worked all Saturday, while he worked I bummed around the apartment during the day then later in the evening I went to Sex and the City 2 with Pat. For those of you who don't know, she is a friend of my mom's and mine. I enjoyed the movie and getting out of the apartment for a few hours.

Today I went over and helped mom start cleaning and organizing her living room, I mostly was shredding old bills and bank statements for her. I have gone 3 rounds with the shredder and I'm not even half way through the pile of paper I have to shred. For lunch Pat took mom and I out to Girdwood. It was a beautiful ride and the food was excellent. Richard was again at work today and is also pulling another night shift then having to work his regular shift tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am headed back over to moms, to do laundry and go a few more rounds with the shredder, I am also going to help mom mow the lawn and finish cleaning up the living room, dinning room and Kitchen. She is finally getting rid of stuff that she doesn't need or use.

Next Saturday (June 5th) is Our 6 year anniversary. Richard has a 3 day weekend then, which is nice. A childhood friend of mine is getting married on the same day, so we figured what a cool way to celebrate our anniversary by going to a wedding. Other than that I think we are just going to spend some much needed quality time with each other, cause we really haven't seen much of each other these last couple of days.

I worked at CHD only one day last week cause they really didn't have anything for me to do. They had stuff for me Friday but I couldn't make it in due to the fact that I didn't have a ride home because of Richard having to work a double shift and then just wanting to come home and crash. I don't blame him either. I will give them a call on Tuesday and see if they want me to come in then.

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