Friday, June 11, 2010

Embracing the Bookworm side of things

I'm down a thumb for a few days. I was helping out at CHD with some sorting of papers for Shredding or recycling and had to remove staples from paper with a staple remover. Well it aggravated an old injury from high school and my thumb swelled up so back in a brace I went. You never realize how much you use your dominant hand till you can't use it for a while. I have learned to type with out using my right thumb to hit the space bar but I still tend to make massive spelling errors if not careful enough. So forgive me in this blog if a few manage to slip by with out me fixing them.

I have finally managed to catch up in my reading. I am on my last new book till later this month and I am almost done with it. Then I can read a series that I started to kill time till the next 2 new books hit the stores.

Richard has been working a lot of overtime the past couple of weeks, so his up coming check will be nice. It has made it a bit tricky getting me home from CHD but we have managed. Yesterday mom was nice enough to pick me up after she got off of work. Which worked out great cause it gave me an extra hour to work on that paper sorting.

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