Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poor Kramer

Yesterday Kramer went into the vet's office for a teeth cleaning, no big deal, my moms cats Data and Alex went as well. We knew going in that Data had to have some of his teeth pulled. He has some auto immune disease so his body is attacking his teeth, same goes for poor Alex, she had to have 12 of her teeth pulled yesterday and the vet said that she will eventually have to have the rest pulled as well. Kramer had the healthier looking mouth Saturday when they went for their physicals and shots.

We got a call from the Vet while she was cleaning Kramers teeth. She was calling us to tell us that Kramer had 4 teeth that needed to be pulled cause they were getting reabsorbed. We gave the go ahead and Kramer got the teeth pulled. They were the teeth right behind his fangs so there is a hole behind all 4 of his fangs.

I had asked the vet on Saturday about changing Kramers food from kitten chow to something else cause he hadn't been eating any of his dry food,just the wet. I figured it was because he didn't like the dry food anymore. He had also lost about a pound so that wasn't good. She said yes try him on Iams. So Saturday Richard and I went to the store got him the new food and switched him over. He ate some of it so I figured yay he likes it.

So mom and I go pick up the cats at 7pm last night, they stayed open that late just for us cause they had, a few emergancys come in and had to put off doing Alex and data's teeth till after noon for Alex and poor Data didn't go in till 3. Anyways I asked the vet if Kramers teeth that were removed were the reason he wasn't touching his dry food and only eating his wet. She said that yes, that those teeth had been painfull for him. That, that was why he was only eating the wet food and why he had lost that pound.

I feel like a bad pet owner because I didn't realize that he was having teeth problems! I had noticed he wasn't eating his dry food all that much but he was eating his wet food, he has always loved his wet food more but eats the dry as well. Then all of a sudden the dry food stayed at the same level and never went down. I noticed this a week before his first visit to the vet. My poor baby was in pain and I didn't know

So I have to give kramer nothing but wet food for the next 5 days, along with pain killers for the next 5 days and antibiotics for the next 2 weeks. He seems like he is back to his normal healthy self. I wonder if him biting me a lot this last couple of months was him trying to tell me that his mouth hurt.

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