Monday, February 23, 2009

My very long weekend

I had a very well intresting weekend. It all started Friday morning with our car not starting at all., it had battery power but would not start. This lead to me calling my mom at 5:45am and asking her to come take Richard to work. At about 10am I started by calling the auto shop asking thm if they could please tow our car to the shop so it could get fixed, which is when I realized that Richard took the car keys with him. The shop said they would get the paper work started for the car, The sad thing is when I said my name to the lady who answered the phone she said oh the land rover. It is sad when they know what car you drive just by your name. Anways, when I found a way to get the keys to give them a call and they would send the tow truck. Now I just had to find a way to get myself to Lowe's or get the keys to me. I called my father-in-law and asked if he was first off in town and second if he could get the keys and bring them to me.

An hour later I have the keys in hand, tow truck has shown up and I am now helping the guy push our car out of our parking spot and into the drive way so he can load it up. Let me tell you that that car aint light. I have had to push that car more times then I want to think about. The guy towing the car is impressed with the fact that I can push the car and tells me that most women can't or won't help push their cars, that I was a breath of freash air and that I gave him hope that there just wasn't helpless women out there. The down side of having to push the car is the fact that it hurt my right shoulder, the one that got hurt in the car accident almost 2 years ago. Man oh man is it pissed at me for pushing the car.

Then I find out that Richard's mom has said that we can borrow her car for the weekend the catch is, its out in the valley and we have to ride out with them to to go get it. Thats not a problem. We get picked up and go out to the valley with his dad and mom. All the way there we are listening to an audiobook, A very weird audiobook. Now I don't like audiobooks, I find it rather boring to listen to some person read a book while in a car. Richard's dad loves audiobooks and thats the only thing he listens to now these days. It used to be just the Harry Potter ones bun has now branched out. Anyways I'm sitting in the back with Richard and I am so bored I am falling asleep. We get out to their house pick up the car and are on our way home. We get home with out any problems and continue on with our weekend.

Saturday we wake up to a clogged toilet, so Richard grabs the plunger and starts working on it, nothing happens, toilets still clogged. He takes a break from it for about an hour goes back and tries again still nothing. Finally he gives up and tells me to call our land lord so she can call maitnence and have them come fix our toilet. I call and get the answering machine, I leave a message and hang up. The time is now about 2:15 and well I have to go, so we go up to moms house explain to her whats going on do our stuff and leave. When we get home we have a message from the land lord asking us to give her a call back that she will be there till 3:30, its 3:00 when we get the message so I call and get the machine again, I left another message and we go about our day. Now mind you any time one of us has to go we either go to the Holiday up the street from us or to moms.

I'm going to make this short, today is Monday and we still have a clogged toilet. We are first on the list for maitnence when they get here. My problem is, Richard is at work and mom will be at work and I don't want to drink anything cause I don't know when the toilet is going to be fixed and I am dying of thirst.

That is basically my weekend. We still don't know whats wrong with the car cause the shop isn't opened on the weekends. Hopefully this week goes betterr.

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