Friday, February 13, 2009

DVR Update and an eye exam, and a cold

Thought I would update what's going on With DVR. I had an intake meeting where I was asked a bazillion questions and gave them permission to get my medical records from my ear and eye doctors, so we are waiting on those to be sent over to them. While we are waiting for those I go in for testing to see where my strengths and weaknesses are. I will be doing that on March 2,3,4 and 5th from 9am till noon each of those days.

I have been noticing that I have been having problems with my vision. I have been pulling books closer to my face to read and have been getting headaches after being on the computer for a while and after or during reading. So yesterday I called to make an appointment with my eye doctor. Now usually when I call to make an appointment to see him its for a month away, that's just how busy he is. So I kept that in mind when I called. The lady on the phone goes I have an appointment Friday at 2:30, so I took it, surprised at my good luck I kinda stuttered and the lady told me that the person who had the appointment just canceled it 10 minutes before I called. So later today I get my eyes checked and will get new glasses.

I woke up this morning not being able to breath through my nose, till I sat up. So I offically have my first cold of 2009 and not to be my last one either. I have sneezed so many times in the last hour its not funny. makes it hard to write an entry here cause I have to fix typos. So far its just a runny nose and sneezing and a bit of a cough. I just hope it doesn't go to my ears.

I'm sick of fixing typos I have been writing this blog entry for over an hour, so I'm going to quit for now.

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