Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 24 2013

Why is November 24,2013 the title of this post? Well very simply put it was the day that my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. Dad was found on the 23rd by Richards mom and sister and it was a total fluke that they had found him at all. He had called them and asked them to meet him up at a friends house just up the road from where they live out in the valley. They got there and he wasn't there yet so they went to go get their pizza that they had ordered and went the back way and spotted dads truck. When they found him his lips were blue and he was unresponsive, he was rushed to the hospital and we were told that he had massive bleeding in the brain, probably caused by a stroke and or an aneurism. Richard and I drove out Saturday night and stayed out there and Sunday morning dad took a turn for the worse and passed away shortly before 1pm on the 24th.

  Dad will be greatly missed by us all, he was a very unique man who loved to talk and make people laugh. I will never forget one of his favorite sayings, you would ask how he was and he would respond "I am 10 feet tall, armor plated, bullet proof and stubborn as as jackass" If he told you that, that meant he was good.  We are doing a celebration of life sometime in the summer as to not totally destroy peoples holidays cause he would kick us in the ass if we did that.

R.I.P. Dad, we love you

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Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry to hear that, Steph. My thoughts are with you all.