Friday, January 11, 2013

First Post of the new year

So far can't complain about this year, I am finally 100% better after last months sickness, thank god! Just in time to probably get sick. Other then that just been reading a lot of books, I have read 4 so far taking a break for the rest of the night and then picking up a new book to read tomorrow. I am finally working on getting my collection of books down to a more manageable level again. Seeing as how I hardly read at all last year I got way far behind.

I need to go to get more puffy paint so I can finish off a project that I have started, the ones I have don't have a small enough opening to do what I need them to. I think I will also get some more canvas and paints cause I have another idea of something to make, just hope it turns out as cute as I want it to. I just have to wonder where the heck all this creativity is coming from and why couldn't it show up when I was oh say in high school art class? Oh well at least I can be creative in some art forms now.

That's it for now more at a later date.

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