Friday, May 4, 2012

Walking Plans

This is a follow up post to my last one about walking. I have kept up walking, there was a week where I didn't walk at all due to being in pain in my shins from a new pair of shoes, which I no longer am wearing due to the fact that it started to hurt my heel and I didn't want that pain back again. So for now I am in my old shoes again but do need to get new ones soon.

Today will be the third time I have gone for my walk this week. Hopefully I do better today then I did on Wednesday, Wednesday I was a minute slower then I was on Monday but that's ok cause it only takes me about 47-48 min to walk the 1.8 miles now instead of an hour so that is a good improvement for as little walking that has been done before this week. I got an app for my phone that tracks not only the route I take, but how fast I walk, how many calories I burn and how long it takes for me to do it. Once I get my time a little better and I'm not so tired or winded while walking I'm going to increase how many days I walk and how far I walk. I figure Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I will do the route I'm doing now and Tuesdays and Thursdays I will do a slightly bigger route by walking up to Lore instead of 72nd which instead of being 1.8 miles will be roughly 2.2 miles that way I have some difference in my walks and easier days and harder days and then when that gets easy I might switch them around and do the bigger walks Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do the smaller walks on Tuesday and Thursday.

My walking also depends on the weather, if it's pouring down rain I wont go for a walk cause I don't want to get sick or I might go for a small one if I have an umbrella, not sure though on that part yet, so far the weather has been in my favor although Wednesday was freaking cold for half the walk which I am glad that I wore a light jacket, will prob do the same today, we shall see what it feels like when I walk out the door.

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