Monday, October 18, 2010

What day is it?

So, it's now been a week since Richard lost his job. We are still getting along fine so that's good. The only problem I now have is keeping the days straight. Today was the start of it, I went to call mom and tell her something and started dialing her home phone number when I realized oh wait it's Monday so she is at work. I lasted longer than Richard did with keeping the days straight cause he asked me Friday what day it was. I hate when the days all just start melting together cause its a pain to go what day is it and do I have anything planned for this day or the next.

I have had two meetings with the new lady that's going to be helping me look for a job. I really like her a lot! Richard likes her as well, we all seem to get a long great and she doesn't mind at all if Richard is back in the meetings with us. I am actually looking forward to working with her and looking for jobs. My next meeting with her is on Wednesday and I am for once looking forward to going.


Mandy said...

Keep me posted, bud!

Jane said...

Sounds great! I bet it's nice not to dread those meetings! :)