Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who likes to play pool, we do we do, and birthday delema answer

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been playing a lot of pool lately. I just played for a couple of hours today and about 5 hours 2 days ago. Anyways today while playing pool with Richard and our Friend Marya we all looked at our hands and we each had chalk on our hands, which lead to Marya grabbing her iphone and taking a picture. I thought I would share it on here so from the top hand to the Bottom it goes as follows: Me, Richard, Marya.

The birthday party question has been answered, Marya answered it for me, I am going to have a small Lowe's friends birthday party on Friday, if all works out it will be Me (of course), Richard, Marya, Jenny, Brian and Sandra. I would of invited our friend Amanda along as well but she is out of town till after my birthday. So far there is going to be cake, chips and dip, possibly a veggie tray, Marya said she would cook something, Beer Pong, pool, music, video games, Gifts and soda's. A pinyada was mentioned but not sure if that will be there or not. So, so far it seems like it will be a lot of fun, now to just set the time and make sure people actually show.

Today was my Mom's birthday so mom and I went out to the Peanut Farm with our friend Carrol for lunch and then Richard mom and I went out to Outback for dinner. I think my mom had a good birthday, after we ate dinner mom went to go see a movie and well We went to play pool.

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Jane said...

That's a lot of pool! I know what your job can be - pool shark!! Totally! :)

Your party sounds fun. Boooo for AK being so far from TX. Can't you guys push it down south a little? ;)

Have a great time!