Monday, July 13, 2009

Make it Stop

Here I sit, the only one awake in my apartment with my back hurting and itching like crazy. The bed I slept on friday night has totally messed up my back it hurts so bad, I can't sleep and have a hard time getting to a postion where my back doesn't hurt long enough for me to pass out. I am so tempted to have Richard ask his dad for some 303 muscle relaxers so I can sleep. don't worry they aren't perscription drugs, just over the counter stuff. Hopefully his dad has some or else I don't know what I am going to do. I have soaked in the tub, put hot packs and ice packs on, taken advil, nothing works. UGH!!!

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Eila said...

Babe, Im here for you on the back pain issue :)
Excruciating as it is
Have you tried a back brace? I have one but its a little uncomofotable, its a good feeling to have your spine kept in place by it though :) ALso get one of those leg pillows where you place it between your knees while you sleep -if you sleep on your side- and its almost magical in the morning. I wish pain was tolerable but the spine is just a bitch. I feel for you girl