Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weather change

Good Hello,

    There is a change in the weather now that it's pretty much the middle of August. Our summer was a pretty mild one, which was nice seeing as how last summer had some ridiculously hot days in it. The rain has come rolling in, which is nothing new for this time of year. This means that the air is going to start getting cooler and more crisp and leaves have already started changing on some trees. It's the time of year where I start grudgingly pulling out a light jacket to wear depending on the day, cause there are some days when the sun is out that it is just to warm to have a jacket on. Heck even days where I should be wearing one I might not put one on cause I'm stubborn and hate having to wear a jacket. Even when I do have to wear one it's hardly ever zipped up. This change in weather also means one more thing, THE ALASKA STATE FAIR!!!!!!!

 The state fair is the last big thing to do outside before the snow flies and I love, love love going. I always have some form of a jacket even if it is just a hoody on and an umbrella cause lets just face it, it aint the fair unless it rains. I'm hoping that the clothes I ordered get here before we got cause I have a hoody I really want to wear to it if I can.

The weather change also means putting off as long as possible of turning the heat back on. We tend to turn it on at the end of September first of October. We are still sleeping with windows open till about then too, we just add more blankets to the bed. Yep we are stubborn. It also means more crock pot dishes to be made and finding out how much the PFD is for the year. I already have plans for mine so hoping it's as good as people are predicting.