Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Married Couple Delima

Every married couple, wants at least one other married couple to hang out with on occasion, It's nothing against all the single friends, it's just nice to not have to worry about the odd man out, or even better they understand what the other couple is talking about cause they have been there. Not saying that every single friends is the odd man out either, hubby and I have a few friends who are single and love hanging with them and they are no way ever the odd one out.

Richard and I have yet to find a married couple to hang out with, not saying we have never hung out with married couples cause we do, but then it seems that the married couple starts fighting and then their marriage ends.  This has happened quite a few times now. It almost makes you wonder if its us causing the problems. Now I know it's not but it seems that way to us. We do have a married couple that yes has it's problems but we spend more time with her then both of them because he is always off at work when we all have free time. 9 times out of 10 we hang with just her, then one time it's both of them. So yes they are a married couple but we don't count them cause we see her more then him. But other then that, no one. I'm not kidding about marriages falling apart either we have hung out with 4-5 married couples and all of them have ended, or are going to end. We have been hanging with another married couple the last month or so and he just called it quits with her this last weekend, after hubby and I left from hanging out with them. See? see how we think it's us?

Why can't we find a nice NORMAL, HAPPY married couple to hang out with on a regular basis and play games and do dinner with?  That's all we want, as much as we like staying home and just being with each other we also love hanging out with friends. We don't get to hang with friends all that often cause all of them live very busy lives so it's when they have a spare moment, or they live to far away for regular get togethers, or they live in a different state all together.

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