Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hanging and painting

The month of September has flown by for me. I want to say that's because we have been doing something every weekend this month. Mostly we have been hanging out with our friends DM and AM (not sure if they would be ok with me using their names). We all get along and have the same sense of humor, so it makes things.... interesting to say the least. We have played Cards Against Humanity with them a few times now and it's always a blast. If you don't know what CAH is, all I gotta say is look it up cause I'm not explaining it to you.  I have also hung out with AM while Richard and DM and our friend B when he isn't busy with other things have gone fishing. Which they are doing this Sunday. I believe this will be the last trip of the year. as it's starting to get pretty freaking cold.

 I have been spending a lot of time at Color-Me-Mine lately working on a lot of projects. I do so enjoy painting there. I think I'm going to switch gears and start making more pieces for friends as we are slowly running out of room here. Not to say I wont paint more stuff for us cause if something is really cute and I just have to have it I will get it lol.  Mom is even a V.I.P. there now too and is slowly branching out and learning new techniques. Richard is going to spend some of his P.F.D. money and get a chess set to paint. This set comes with the board and all the pieces to paint. I think it would be fun to paint on it together but it's up to him. I have already started working on both my mom's and my brother's Christmas gifts. Granted my brothers is farther along then moms but that's because mom comes with me a lot when I paint so I can't paint on hers with her there.

That's pretty much been my life since the last update. just hanging with friends, and painting.

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