Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All over the place

 Good Hello Readers,

Since my last post, I have turned another year older, July 11th I celebrated turning 31 by going out to lunch with a great friend of mine that I have known for almost 10 years then went to Color Me Mine to paint and sat with a friend I made through there and cheered her up because she was kinda having a crap day. The next day it was time for the family Birthday dinner, since mom works evenings now we have to the dinners on the weekends. So Hubby, mom and my Mother-in-law and I went out to dinner at Piccolino's Restaurant, they serve Greek and Italian food. My mother-in-law surprised me with a gift of paint brushes and a holder for them. I can't wait to get to Color Me Mine so I can use them!

Richard and I are making an effort to not sit in front of the TV every night, we either play board games, put a puzzle together or read. We now only watch TV a few nights a week, which is a lot better then every day. One of these weekends I want to challenge us to go the entire weekend with out turning on the computer or TV and see if we can do it. We also wont use our cell phones to get online, they will still be on in case someone needs to get hold of us but that's all that they would be used for. I think it's a good idea to disconnect from electronic devices every once in a while. We are so dependent on devices for entertainment now days it's sad. I don't even turn on the TV anymore for background noise and have been known now to just sit around the apartment in silence. It really is rather nice. Everyone should try it, even if it's just for a moment or two.

July 27th will mark 6 months of no soda, or desserts. I have almost gone half a years with out it. I don't really miss the soda, but every now and then I crave a cookie or a piece of candy. The first month was the hardest for me with the no desserts. and there was a moment in April where I almost accidentally ate some cake because I was starving, it had no frosting on it but before I even got close to taking a bite I realized I couldn't eat it because it was in fact cake. I blame Richard for this because he gave it to me, he claims he was going to stop me before I actually took a bite. I don't know that I believe him on this though lol.

I have gotten a nice little routine going in the mornings now, I get up by 6:30 and make Richard his coffee for the day with our Keurig, mine as well, then I make myself breakfast and make sure his lunch is ready to go. I really do enjoy getting up and making him his coffee, it's a nice little thing I do for him and he enjoys it as well. .

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