Monday, May 19, 2014

No denying I'm his kid

I am my fathers daughter. There is no denying it, not that I would, I mean I know I look like him, and according to my mom I have his sense of humor, and his love of sausage (both mom and my brother like bacon better). But every once in a while something else comes out of nowhere and smacks me in the face and goes hey this is just like dad too. Today was one of those days, I was just waiting for my Keurig to make me a cup of coffee and BAM right in the face, dad loved coffee, he drank it every morning, now mind you he had his black and I have creamer in mine but still there it is. For the longest time I didn't like coffee, I loved the smell of it but didn't like the taste of it. Then starting late last year I started drinking it every now and again while painting and it wasn't so bad, now it's a daily thing, almost like I can't function with out it, which I can and do go a day or so with out any. But still it is yet just another thing I have in common with my dad.

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