Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apartment: The final Frontier

There are a few things I would love to blog about but I have to wait for now, so hang in there with me and when I can, you better believe that I will blog about them. But for now I will continue with the day to day stuff that I can blog about.

My apartment is once again clean, it took me a couple days to do it but I managed to get it done, I did it that way cause I wanted to make sure that the stuff I cleaned stayed clean so I wouldn't have to clean it again, and so far it has. I have quite a nice routine down now. Every Sunday I now, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room, dinning room, hallway and both bedrooms and pledge the desk and dinning room table to protect them from dust and dirt for the next week, oh and clean the bathroom as well. I figured if mom can keep her house clean then I should have no problems keeping my apartment clean as well. Oh and of course I do the dishes after every meal as well.

Not much going on other than that really, same ole same ole here, we just keep trucking along making the best out of what we have.

Until the next blog I leave you with these words of wisdom:


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